Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey Everyone, I just wanted to respond to this because i feel it needs clarification. I didn't want to even mention Jewels' motives for leaving the podcast, but i feel you guys have been misled.
THere was NO drama. Not regarding Jewels and anything else. HEr last post may have implied that we were not getting along, however, that is simply false.
THe fact is, Jewels didn't want to continue because she lost interest. And that's not her fault. She says that it's something different, but it was only to avoid hurting QueenBee's and my feelings. I realie the podcast will be different without her, but I believe Cool Hair will suffice. I've noticed that at least one of you is angry about her replacement, but I ask you to ask yourself what you would do if your team was one-less. SHe may re-join, she may not. ALso, I realize that it appears that I am the "leader" of Maximum Awesomeness, but in actuality, I am only the producer and therefor control all that goes onto the internet, so I made that episode with my sister on impulse because I couldn't get Jewels and QueenBee organized. This is the reason I've been in every episode. We'll be restarting soon.


  1. Soon? Really? Cause it's been months! Either get started or get out!

  2. restart soon? Try on!!! GL!


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