Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi to anyone that's reading this!

It's Jewels I just wanted to say I'm sorry I quit the podcast, we never really had a real plan of when and where to do it and one too many screw ups and road blocks pushed me over the edge:(

I love everyone that listens to us and I wouldn't mind doing maybe one more, but school is dramatic enough for me I'd rather not have drama trying to do something that's supposed to be fun. I really am goin to miss recording podcasts and hearing what you guys have to say.

I love every single one of our fans and maybe in the future if we get our act together I'll come back who knows but for now audevoire! (bye)



  1. to bad your leaving... :(:(:( you were AESOME jewels!! i see what u mean about drama.. but let me ask on thing; how can a podcast be dramatic? i mean, your just playing around.... idk..... thats my opinion anyway...
    ok, love you all,
    adios amigos

  2. Umm i really don't want to point fingers but have u ever worked in a group or something where one person is like the leader and takes everything a little too seriously. But really it's my choice and I'm sorry I have toleave

  3. awww, too bad. i do understand the whole being in control thing though. it's ok, it happens to everyone at least once.

    SongoftheWolf @

  4. It's okay! i totally understand... :)

  5. We will miss you :)

  6. I bet Cinders is the leader person they are talking about. I mean think about it he is in every episode. He is the tech producer. I bet Jewels was talking about him!


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