Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it!

I found out what was deleting the podcast episodes!
Now we can blog as often as we want without worrying about posting too many blog posts and deleting stuff!
By the way, our next episode is going to be on Wednesday (the second of December) unless something happens.
Right now we're planning to talk about the sixth book and a little more about the movie, as well as start the countdown to book six.
Seriously though, we love when you guys send us emails, and right now we have about two that are ready to read. Also, A shoutout to all you awesome commenters out there, We really apreciate it! Listen next time!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Hey guys! Queen Bee here! Have you checked out our latest podcast? Pretty sweet huh? I really liked taping it, and I think that you will enjoy listening to it. Thank you to all the people that have supported us. I know that personally, they are my motives to keep on doing this podcast. I promise that we are at LEAST going to do a podcast once a month, and if we can, every other week. We love doing this podcast, and hope that we can keep on doing this. We appreciate all the comments and emails!! Please go and check out our page on facebook, maximumawesomeness, and our twitter, maxpodcastMA!


Queen Bee.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

#4 QueenBee gets dissed, we're all TOGETHER, and Cool Hair

    We enjoy our first episode in a while!

  • Cool Hair guest stars and annoys people (ick)

  • We're together all of us at last!

  • We talk about book five

  • Laughed

  • And just had an awesome time!!

    *This episode ends abrubtly, but on purpose, don't worry (enjoy)