Thursday, February 19, 2009

U no wat......

Cinders is a big meani he took away my editing priveledges. I mean who does he think he is???? My father????? Nooooo!!!!! Now we have a goth blog and I can't make it pretty:'(

I'm not a goth person!!!!! And being represented on a blog that's this goth is disgraceful!!!!!

Honestly FANG'S blog is less goth than ours.... FANG'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I'm saying is that cinders is being really unfair by cutting off my editing priveledges, soooooo comment and say either jewels if u think I'm rite and should get my priveledges back or cinders if u don't think I should.

So come on all u loyal fans!!! Jake from Ohio, pshpsh and maxrideluver and everyone that's commented!!!!!!! I'm sorry I can't list all of u but I promise I will if a bunch of u rite jewels!!!!!!! And then maybe I'll get my editing priveledges back!!!!!!

Help me out here u guys

I luv ya all!!!!


1 comment:

  1. im very neutral on this one.

    how about a compromise?
    cinders give jeweles back her privileges and jeweles no more girly blogs? dunno.

    (p.s. me=pshpsh. changed my name because my friend accused me of plagerismmmm)


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