Friday, February 13, 2009

Guess wat 2moro is¿!¿!¿!¿!

Helloooooooo HAPPY V-DAY!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry 4 not posting in awhile but last time I checked no one signed up 2 follow our blog.......:-( :-( :-( :-(

Ya it would feel nice to c that ppl r actually reading these posts, but that sounds kinda shallow.... Idk if u want 2 plz click the little follow button :-)

So happy almost v-day! Last time I posted was b4 the super bowl I think and lots of other things so............

1. Super bowl! Yea steelers:-)! I feel 4 the cardinals fans though :-(
2. Stupid 3-d commercials wat I didn't get was they spent so much money on them and there was like NO 3-d. Queen b and I were so xcited I watched it at her house and we had the beast glasses 2 and at the end we were like WTC?????
3. Jullian's funeral...
4. I fell down the stairs I was so dizzy from being sick
5. Platypus princess got sick 2 (and lost her voice) we hope u get better!!!!
6. Apparently 1 of u finally emailed us!!!!!!!
7. Blink-182 got back 2gether!!!!!!!!!

So there have been some ups and downs of the past few wks but jst keep commenting, emailing, and *cough, cough* following the blog *cough*

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