Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#1 Platypi,Scary Mr. Chu, and INDIA HATES HER NAME

FINALLY! we have our first episode, I didn't get that original one from Queen Bee, but me and India had a great time talking and all together making our first Podcast!

-We talked a little about the cast in the movie
-Dragged in details of the fifth book,
-And talked about our contest to see what India's new nickname will be.

We also dragged in some unimportant details about the fourth book. I promise that next time we will be more organized!


  1. hey!!!! i love maximum ride!!!

    ur podcast is pretty cool. i mean its a little weird.

    i luv u india or smexy dance grl or what ever u call her. i luv the romance parts. there soooooo sweet! who is the "platypus princess"? she sounds weird.

    i luv august rush!!!!!!!!

    im just like queen bee i SUCK at computers!!!

    its a little "spazy" though. if i were you, id try to make it a little more organized. lol. its not bad though. its REALLY funny!!!

    Megan from New York

    ohh i almost 4got

    cinders, girls always fall in love with book characters. LOL. i luuuvvv EDWARD CULLAN!!! woops. wrong book... MAX RULES THE WORLD!!!

  2. OMG that was the WORST podcast and funniest podcast ever!

    soooooooo unplanned and really stupid. i mean, the names? "platypus princess" really. she sounds like a freak!

    well so does "queen bee"

    but it was sorta funny

    gabby mississippi

  3. wow, you guys are weird, but hilarious!!!!! I really lked the podcast! keep rockin!

  4. hey!its me! platypi princess!

    i luv ur guys podcast. its sooooo funny. i cant wait 4 more!

    ps cinders, can i b on it???

    platypi princess


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