Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yo, waz up peeps? So i no i havent been in th podcast yet and i jst want 2 say rite now: CINDERS WAS A BIG MEANIE AND I HAD NO SAY AT ALL IN MY NAME! yea...so now that i got that out of my system im gona get to th point.

I think it would be cool if my name was made into a contest. Like if u guys thought of a few ideas and then ill pic my favs and u can pic ur fav out of those.

Soooooo if u guys think of some names 4 me thnks.

btw me and my friend came up w/ names 4 each othr and mine was smxy dance grl and i no that cinders will kill me if u voted on that so thats not a choice even though its true! So thnx!

Luv ya!

smxy dance grl

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