Friday, February 4, 2011


you know I have learned something over the past two years.

NEVER promise something you can't guarantee.
I say we'll start up and I say we'll blog and it just never effing happens. It's extremely frustrating. SO BE MAD, PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. YOU HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY AT THE IMAGINARY PEOPLE CINDERS AND QUEENBEE, because we're lazyasses.

but anyway, our last episode was made during december of 2009, right before Maximum Awesomeness turned one... which we were gonna make a big deal of, but that didn't end up happening, and then a year passed. Where, my friends, has it gone?

Scrap that, I can't pull off pensive and philosophical...

The point is, it's been two years since we started. TWO YEARS. And though that's not really a long period of time, we're not interested in the same things we were then.

Also, you'd probably like to know that we're younger than we said we were, we were about twelve when we started back then, so now we're only fourteen... so basically, we look back at those episodes and are embarrassed by them (at least I am)

Anyway, we've decided that if we ever do make any other episodes, they won't be on Maximum Ride. Yeah it was a good book series, but we barely remember what happened in them. We thought maybe one more on MR to go through all the emails that have piled up here in the meantime. After that though, any continuation will be just us having random conversations, with a few tie-ins to Max Ride and probably other stuff also... the subject will be decided eventually...

btdubbs we've gotten 2,146 downloads, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.


  1. wow, two years is a long time guys. Where've you been? it would be great if you all started up again... we just wan to hear yur voices, we dont care what its about, its hilarious always :)

  2. I agree. Just one more on MR, then do whatever the hell you want. I'll listen!

  3. this is awesome start up again guys


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