Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Episode #4- News

a simple short news bulletin


  1. Hi, hi.

    I guess you could consider me a new listener. I stumbled across your podcast a little over a week ago. I'm hooked; you guys are hilarious.

    And I'm definitely looking forward to another episode. It's about time you guys got out of school; I've been out for nearly two weeks now. No school means more episodes, right? =P

    I hope you guys don't pull a Camp Bummercast. Meaning, make a couple episodes and then just stop altogether. Seriously. Don't do that. I'll be heartbroken.

    Err. Maybe not. But I will be sad for... about a day or two. There may be excessive eating of ice cream during that period. Probably.

    To stop myself from rambling, I'll end here. Update soon? Please? Bye!

  2. I know you sent that about 12 days ago, but I have to respond. You are totally right!

    I really want more episodes! I really liked your first three, why not make more! It has been over 1 month since your last minisode and over 2 since your last full episode. I just want one more in between now and the next 2 months.

    That sounded like I was really mad, but I want to hear from you.

  3. Uh this has nothing to do with this particular post but i wanted to suggest a song that reminds me of Max.
    I normally hate hate hate Christina Aguilera but her song "Fighter" really reminds me of her. So listen to it!!!
    By the way, you guys rock!!!!!!

  4. Hi I know your first episode was AGES ago but what was the song at the beginnig of it

    If anyone could tell me it would be great!

    You guys ROCK!!!!!!
    blegh =)

  5. what happened to episode 1???

  6. i agree w/ the anonymous person. fighter would be P~E~R~F~E~C~T for max


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